NB: iPlay Therapy iscurrently re-branding to new name of Stella Evolution 


*Disability Intervention & Therapy

*RDI (Relationship Development Intervention)







What happens in children's counselling? 


As the name suggest, a lot of play! Play is children's work. 


As adults we often talk about our issues to help resolve them. Children need to act out play situations, draw the issues or play them out with puppets, toys or sand tray play. 


'Oh, they're just playing' is often a remark we make as adults but this play is crucial to their development. Children need to play to make sense of the world around them in their surrounding environment.


Children learn through their play and this is why it is so important as parents to give them the time to be imaginative and to teach children new skills through their play.


Adolescents and Adults still need time to chill, laugh and play around. You could say play is important for all ages.


This is why I've used the name 'iPlay Therapy' in my counselling. Not all counselling strategies are play based techniques specifically, but it is a crucial aspect to engaging children in therapy sessions. To be playful, allows them to be interested in the process and to want to learn more about how to cope in tricky situations.