Rebates on costs

Please check as you or your child may be eligible for funding toward part or full costs of sessions. 

Medicare Rebates


Those eligible can be referred by a GP under a Mental Health Care Plan (medicare item) and this covers initially 6 sessions and then if the GP agrees,  another 4 sessions can be obtained in a calendar year. Children are also eligible to be referred under this process if they are considered to have symptoms of a mental health condition, anxiety and depression are included under this scheme. Medicare rebates can also claimed for Pregnancy Support Counselling. This is for 3 sessions only and a referral is also needed from a GP.

Please note: FULL PAYMENT is required on the day and then you claim your rebate from medicare (up to 10 a year).  NB: Reduced gap for Concession and HCC holders.

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)


 iPlay is a provider under the NDIS for those eligible under the scheme. 


The fees depend on what services are agreed upon and the amounts are specific to those in the SA provider fees document on the NDIS website.

At iPlay we are  eligible to provide the following:  Therapy Supports/Counselling. Therapy Supports is for age 7 plus. Early Intervention from Oct 31st 2018 can only be provided for those that self and plan manage their NDIS funds. RDI can be provided under Therapeutic Services and will be provided from March 2017 onwards.

NB: We will see clients that self-manage, those that allow provider claims from portal and those from a third party (plan manage) who are responsible for your NDIS payments.