Infant Mental Health

Sometimes issues can stem from early feeding/sleep difficulties in infants, prematurity, illness and stress that families are under. This counselling is attachment & relationship based between you (the main carer) and your baby. It is a really crucial stage of development and it's best to seek help if you have any concerns around the attachment relationship.

Children's Counselling

Children's Counselling- for childen from prechool to age 12 years, incorporates a range of Counselling services depending on the needs of the child. Issues can range from school refusal, school anxiety, general anxiety, grief/loss, depression, behavioural, relationship issues eg between a parent/child or a carer/child, divorce/parental separation, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other challenges or disabilities.



Adolescent Counselling

We've all been there so can hopefully empathsize with our own growing youth with what changes they are going through. Except there is a crucial difference WE haven't been teenagers ourselves in such a time of an explosion of technological advances. Youth face many different problems these days with the pressures of social media, fast acting communication and massive educational changes. I am happy to see young people on their own for appointments but this will have to be with parental permission if under 16 years. In some circumstances mediation type sessions can occur with a younger person and parent/carer together. Most sessions are interpersonal therapy or CBT based (Cogntive-Behavioural Therapy).

This includes up to 3 separate half hour sessions if you are currently pregnant or have been pregnant in the previous 12 months. A partner or close family member or friend may accompany you to the appointment if you wish. A referral is needed from the GP to be eligible for the Pregnancy Support Counselling medicare rebates. There may be numerous reasons why a woman may need counselling around the time of a pregnancy.

Individual adult and parent Support Counselling

Adult Counselling: most of my Adult Counselling (outside of pregnancy counselling) is in relation to parenting concerns. Eg if a couple are not agreeing on parenting issues and this is causing great stress in their relationship. A parent needing support for how to deal with behavioural issues, special needs of their child, the grief/loss that can occur with parenting or parenting as a sole parent. I also provide Counselling for Adults on other issues besides the Parenting area, especially under Veterans or EAP Counselling.

  Pregnancy Support Counselling